Who Are We & Why We Do What We Do

Hines & Associates, PLLC was founded by attorney Claudia Hines.
Miss Hines was born in Bogota, Colombia.  She subsequently immigrated
to the United States in 1978, and became a naturalized U.S. Citizen in 1981.  
She speaks English, Spanish and has formally studied Greek, Arabic & Italian.

Miss Hines attended grade school and middle school in Michigan, and high school
in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  She graduated with a Bachelors of Science in
Criminal Justice from the University of Toledo in 1995 and earned her Juris Doctor
in 1999 from Toledo College of Law in Toledo, Ohio.  

After graduating from Law School Miss Hines worked for the City of Toledo, Ohio
Prosecutor’s Office where she focused on domestic abuse cases.  She subsequently
left criminal law and began working for Butzel Long in Detroit, Michigan where
she focused on Corporate Transactions & Immigration Law.

In 2001 Miss Hines accepted a recess appointment as Legal Counsel with the
United States International Trade Commission (USITC) in Washington, DC.   
While at the USITC, Miss Hines worked extensively on various trade issues involving
the U.S. and Italy, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Canada, Japan, China and France,
among others, aiding in injury determinations and the imposition of anti-dumping
& counterveiling duties.  She also took part in the Steel Section 201 Safeguard
investigation, which was initiated at the request of the White House by strong urging
from the United Steelworkers of America in June of 2001. The decision was rendered
on October 22, 2001 after 96 hours of hearings that included testimony from more than
70 members of congress, 35 steel company chief executives, representatives of
importers & exporters and a number of lawyers (including over 100 law firms) and
economist. After fulfilling her recess appointment with the USITC, Miss Hines
remained in the Washington, DC area and entered private practice.  

Miss Hines founded Hines & Associates, PLLC because she wanted to practice law
the “old fashion way when a lawyer knew their clients well and actually did the work
they were getting paid to do rather than delegate that work to a non-lawyer.
I want clients to feel they can call the office and speak directly with their attorney
about their case without worrying they are being billed for every word that comes
out of their lawyer’s mouth.  

Hines & Associates, PLLC has instituted fixed fees for a number of legal services to
small businesses in efforts to make regular legal counsel affordable. “I believe every
business, no matter how small, should be able to afford legal counsel & involve such
counsel in everyday transactions such as labor/employment issues & tax matters, etc.”

Today, Miss Hines works primarily in the areas of Corporate and Business
Transactions, Real Estate and Immigration law, assisting corporate clients with
international & domestic business matters. Miss Hines is an expert in Latin American
corporate transactions and represents domestic and foreign companies in commercial
transactions in countries like Colombia.   She also advises clients on all matters
dealing with immigration law, including acquisition of foreign labor, acquisition of
Green Card through U.S. investment (Investor Visas), Treaty Traders &
Treaty Investors, immigration through a family member and employer labor
certification, among others.