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The World is Getting Smaller & Smaller
There are two things we do well:

Why the two?  Because those two areas go hand-in-hand.  I am sure you have
heard the phrase “the world is getting smaller and smaller”.  Let me tell you what this
means exactly.

The Service Industry Employs 80% of Individuals in the U.S. Today.
A century ago, what the economist called the primary sector of the economy (farming,
fishing, hunting and herding) still employed more individuals in the U.S. than any
other economic sector.  Today, only 2% of our workforce occupies itself this way.  
The tertiary sector (service industries) now employs 80% of individuals in the U.S.
This percentage is climbing still.  Likewise, in 1915, a 3-minute phone call from
New York to San Francisco cost approximately $20.70 (about $343.00 in
2000 dollars); that same call in 2000 cost .36 cents.  Advances in technology has
made what was considered impossible a century ago, possible today, bringing vast
changes to the way we conduct business all over the world.  

More Companies Are Hiring Foreign Labor Than Ever Before.
Today, more companies are employing foreign labor than ever before, doing business
overseas more than ever before and more individuals are acquiring dual citizenship
than ever before; finding it easy and cost effective to stay connected to their family in
various countries and live & work in the United States.  At Hines & Associates
we do not feel these two areas of law are mutually exclusive, but interrelated
in a very important way.